Oct 16, 2014

Freedom From Flies

I’m sure we have all seen cattle, horses, or sheep unmercifully attacked by flies; especially in the summer. When attacked by them it is literally impossible for them to get any rest.
Instead they are on their feet, stomping, shaking their heads; trying to flee from them.
A good shepherd constantly looks out for insects. A good shepherd will apply various kinds of insect repellents to his sheep.
Sheep must be dipped to rid them of ticks. Sheep need to have trees and bushes where they can find refuge and escape from the pests.
All this takes extra effort and money on the part of the shepherd.
This means a shepherd must be on the lookout daily to see any changes in the sheep’s behavior, and at once take steps to provide relief to keep his flock quiet and contented.
In the Christian walk there are similar irritations that “bug” us.
Petty frustrations and recurring experiences we just do not like to go through!
Is there any bug spray we can use; any Cutters or OFF? Can we be content despite them?
If the Lord is your Shepherd: Definitely “YES!”
The Holy Spirit comes with His oil to cover us, to soothe us, to heal us, to protect us and to bring relief from the abrasive and harsh aspects of life.
The Holy Spirit brings to reality in our lives the very presence of Jesus.
I have found that He brings calmness in the face of frustrations when I turn to Him and cry out: “I can’t stand this, it is bugging me, I can’t rest, help!”
And He comes; and He heals, and applies the bug spray.
All at once I know He is dealing with the situation in a way I was not aware of.
I find myself content. Only He can bring that.
I am able to lie down and rest.


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