Oct 23, 2014

All I Know

Just like Adam we awake at dawn;
Our lungs alive with Eden's perfect breeze,
Enchanted by this journey we are on,
Until gravity has dropped us to our knees,
And all the shining dreams we treasure never leave us satisfied,
But the heartache we embrace might be mercy in disguise,
To turn our gaze to Heaven until sorrow is a purifying snow
That’s all I know, all I know. 

Yes, and time seems to moving through me now,
Like I'm translucent, fading away,
I long to hold this miracle somehow;
Drink in all the wonder of these days,
But like a little, barefoot boy standing on the beach,
Every new wave comes to steal the sand beneath my feet,
There's a sweet hidden wisdom only the angels bestow
That’s all I know.

Sometimes I cannot to stand to hear myself to pray;
It’s as if my very words become a wall,
I want what I want, and so I push the truth away...
And I do not have to listen when it calls,
And I curse my duality: this darkness that dwells in me,
And marks me to the marrow as an orphan of the fall,
But in the middle of this turbulence
I see it's amazing grace that grips me after all, After all.

What can be said of this mystery we're in?
I have only one answer to give,
If Jesus didn't die to be the Savior of my soul,
Truly, I do not want to live,
For what would living be without a meaning and a hope?
Precious little more than just some cruel cosmic joke,
It's like being all dressed up and there was never even anywhere to go,
That's all I know, all I know. 

Punch drunk boxers wait for destiny to strike the fatal blow
That's all I know

I will changed,
I will be free,
I will healed,
I will be yours
It must be so,
That's all I know, all I know,
That's all I know, all I know.

            © Randy Stonehill | from the album Edge Of The World

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