Apr 9, 2015

Long-Term Temporary Solutions

His name was Henry and he was looking for a way to help us move into our new house. He was a general contractor and I decided that his skills could best put to use by having him install a "temporary" shower in the utility room of our basement.

The plan was to have a "temporary" shower installed in the basement so that when we remodeled the two bathrooms of the house, we would have a "temporary" shower to use for our daily bathing.

Henry had the tools in his van and proceeded to install the shower and run water supply lines and drainage for this "temporary" shower.

I say "temporary" because, thirty years later we are still using a shower downstairs in the basement as the primary place we use for our daily bathing and that we have still not remodeled either of the two bathrooms even though we have all of the new fixtures to do so.

And, I hate to admit it, we even replaced the first "temporary" shower stall with a new, larger fiberglass shower stall…knowing that it would "temporary"! But, just the other day I installed some hooks next to the shower in our basement to hang up towels. I had asked Cathy and she thought relocating the hooks to the new location would be a great idea.

After I finished, I decided that I should add a couple of more hooks as a convenience to guest who would need a place to hang their clothes as they take a shower. Currently, clothes had been placed on a shelf in the changing area.

As I was searching for another set of hooks, I realized that thirty years is not what we were thinking when we asked Henry to plumb in a "temporary" shower.

Temporary means that something is lasting, existing, serving, or effective for a specific length of time; not eternal, lasting, or permanent. Temporary implies an arrangement established with no thought of continuance but with the idea of being changed soon.

So why is it that we do "temporary" fixes or changes instead of taking the steps to make permanent and lasting changes? Why is it that we are content with slapping duct tape on a problem instead of taking the time to make real, permanent changes?

Why are we OK with letting our lives be held together with a band aids and butterfly stitches (or Steri-Strips) to hold us together, instead of seeking real solutions for the problems and addictions in our lives?

My friend, this is not the way we are supposed to live! In fact, that's not life or living! Jesus said that He came that we may have life, and that we may have it more abundantly. See John 10:10

Or as Eugene Peterson translated it; "I came so they can have real and eternal life, more and better life than they ever dreamed of.”

Today, perhaps you realize that in some areas of your life it is thirty years later and you are still doing something that was going to be just "temporary" to get you by until real change could come. And today it is an addiction or obsession or a habit or a pattern that you can't see any way out of.

Let me give you some hope my friend. Today is the day to say; "I've lived this way "temporarily" for way too long! Today is the day that I will finally get the help that I need! Today I will do something that will bring eternal change, not temporary!

Jesus wants to bring real changes in your life; if you will let Him. He is waiting for you to ask Him and He will orchestrate the process and tell you what to do to cooperate with what He is doing.

Isn't it time to admit that thirty years (or one or two or five or...) is no longer "temporary" and it is time to stop and ask for help? Someone is waiting to talk to you.

Call 1-888-NEED HIM   or go to http://needhim.org

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