Feb 5, 2015

I Am Delighted!

de·light·ed a feeling or showing great pleasure, a high degree of pleasure or enjoyment; joy; rapture:
I was on a mission to Target Store to look for a pizza stone. Cathy and I had a hankering for homemade pizza and decided that we needed some fresh ingredients. So, it was a “since you are going you might as well pick up other things on the list” trip; which was OK because it was a good way to transition from the work week to a Friday night with not much on the agenda.
As I pulled into the parking lot at Target, I rejoiced that I was able to drive as I thought about a friend of mine who had not yet been able to get his license back after he lost it because of a DUI. I rejoiced that I was able to pick which of our vehicles I wanted to drive. And I was grateful to have this time to simply take my time and shop.
Yes ladies, there are some of us men who actually like to shop for our wives!
In the store I took my time as I “aimlessly” wandered all the while keeping to the mission at hand; securing a pizza store and fresh ingredients, as well as the other items on the list since I was going to Target.
Just as I was starting to actually secure items on my list, I looked up and saw a young dad pushing his daughter (who was less than 1 year old) in a shopping cart. At the same time I looked up, the little girl looked at me and pointed. The smile on her face even at this writing is indescribable. She beamed with sheer delight as her eyes opened wide and her smile filled her face as though I was someone she knew.

To bring the reader up to speed I will note that it is very normal for me to be in public spaces, churches, etc. and have children come over to me and request that I pick them as though I was some relative. Why? I simply do not know. Perhaps the see something in me that even I can’t see in myself; perhaps they see love. And, many times, I have been able to hold the child and get the child to go to sleep in my arms; much to the delight of a parent who had been trying to do so.

The little girl’s dad said to her; “Honey, say hi”; which only encouraged her to begin to engage in this exchange of loving glances that were followed with continued sheer delight and a smile that filled her face. She continued looking for me as I went from shelf to shelf looking for the items on my list while she seemed fixed on trying to find me as I would move behind a display.
Eventually, she began a game of hide and seek by turning her face away and then back again as she once again responded with sheer delight as she found me and our eyes once again locked.