Jan 31, 2013

The Gift of a Handwritten Note

Do you like to get notes, emails, phones calls that are meant to encourage you? How about the ones sent to express gratefulness and appreciation for what you do or who you are? How about the ones sent/given as a simple expression of love?

In our household we frequently leave notes, send emails, and write cards to communicate a message to the person who was not home when we needed to communicate with them. Cathy and I have made it a habit to leave notes or send emails or leave voice messages on the phone to express love. 

Frequently, Cathy and I will come home and discover a note from one of our adult children who had stopped over and wanted to leave a note to let us know that they were there when we were away.

I treasure each of the notes I receive from my family, friends, relatives, and from people who somehow have intersected with me, and they took time to write a handwritten note and send it to me. I usually keep them in a box under my desk.

Recently, I woke up and discovered a note that Cathy wrote for me when she left the house while I was still sleeping. In the note Cathy expressed how grateful she was for me. I put the note in a frame and set it on my desk (because it touched my heart) and because it was a good reminder of her love.

The next day I discovered that one of my daughters had written on a Post-it® Note and stuck it to the note from my wife. It simple said “Like mother like daughter”. I smiled and said a; “Thank you” to God for the gift of this handwritten note.

When was the last time you sent a note, or an email, or made a phone call to someone else? I want to encourage you that it can make all the difference to those in your life, who need a smile, or to laugh, or to simply know that they are loved.

Take some time right now and grab a card or a piece of paper and write a handwritten note and send it to someone and make their day!

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