May 24, 2012

“Wait, what was I doing?”

Did you ever set aside some time to do something and never got to what you had planned to do because of everything thing else that came up? 

That’s really a rhetorical question; we all have! We use our days off to that we can get caught up on chores around the house that we haven’t had time to get to. You set out to cut the lawn and we discover that the gas tank and the gas can are empty, so you head to the gas station to get some gasoline. But, you realize that your spouse has the car so you decide to walk.

While you are heading out of the house to the gas station, you get a phone call from an old friend whose life is falling apart, so you take time to listen and offer advice before heading off to get the gasoline.

Upon returning home from the gas station, you remember that the lawn mower blade needed sharpening from the last time you used it so you head to the hardware store. While heading out, your spouse (who is now home) suggests that you also pick up a new passage lockset to replace the knob that just broke off in her hand. 

Upon returning home from the hardware store, you remember that you also needed a spark plug and so you make a second trip. Upon returning, you get another phone call that you need to take; which reminds you of something that you need to look up on the computer regarding a project at work that is due tomorrow.

And so on, and so, until, finally, the rain starts pouring and you ask yourself the question; “Wait, what was I doing?” Another day gone by and the lawn still isn’t cut, you missed the whole point of why you took a day off work.

Have you ever stopped to really answer the question; “Wait, what was I doing?” especially pertaining to your quest to “find God”? What happened to your urgent search to find out if he was really there or not; if He was real or not?
Sad to say, but many people get through this life and miss the whole point of life simply because they forgot what they were doing; where they were going, what they were looking for. This is true for those who are Christians as well as those who are not.

If you find yourself today asking the question; “Wait, what was I doing?” perhaps I can remind you; especially in your quest to find God.

Did you know that the culmination of the New Testament is relationship with the Father? If you stop with just knowing Jesus, you’ve missed the whole point of why Jesus came, which was to bring us into relationship with the Father. Did you know that the whole reason Jesus came and died and rose again was to get us back into relationship with the Father?

Jesus came to take us to the Father; back into the relationship that was lost in the Garden of Eden when Adam sinned. Jesus is still waiting right now to take you to the only One who can truly satisfy all of your needs; He alone is the One true God.

Let Jesus take you to the Father, after all He is the ONLY way: “Jesus said; “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.” (John 14:6)

That is what you were doing; you were looking for Him; all other things have simply blocked your original goal. There is no other friend like the Lord! No other brother, no other sister that loves you like Him! There is no other love like His love! No other sweeter, no other fountain but Him! Oh, how He loves you and me!

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