Jul 11, 2019

When I Look to the Mountains

by Randy Stonehill  

When I look to the mountains
I can see you there
In the wild churning ocean
I can feel you there
In the warm summer breeze
Your voice is in the air
Oh my Lord

You reflect Your perfection
In the smallest leaf
In your vastness You render time
A captured thief
I stand naked before You
In amazed belief
Oh my Lord

Oh my Lord my Creator
You have captured my heart
With a love I can never repay
And I fall to my knees to try to
Tell You what words could never say

Though You hold all creation
In Your holy hands
Though the world is as weightless
As a grain of sand
Still You told me my name
And gave me strength to stand
Oh my Lord
(repeat chorus)
(repeat first verses)

from the album Celebrate This Heartbeat

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