Jul 16, 2015

Fidgety Fireworks

I woke up this morning and the phrase; “Pause awhile and know that I am God” came to mind. It was a reference to Psalm 46:10 which says; “Be still and know that I am God”
I went upstairs to my office, sat in my favorite chair, and attempted to be still by trying to find out where the verse was in the Bible. I looked it up by doing a word search on the computer and found it in Psalm 46:10.  I was thrown off by “pause” instead of “be still”. 
I sat back down as I tried to decide what would be the best translation to read it in from one of my many versions of the Bible.
I fidgeted as I tried to find the perfect version of the Psalm to read and God spoke to my spirit; “Just stop! Don’t read anything! Don’t say anything! Just watch the show!”
I was reminded of a situation that took place recently while we were on vacation.
It was the Fourth of July and, as usual, the plan was to sit and watch the fireworks on the dock at the family cabin with some of our children and grandchildren.
I was sitting on a chair at the end of the dock waiting in anticipation of the start of the fireworks show. Cathy was already sitting on another chair with our granddaughter Fallon on her lap. Our daughter Elizabeth was in another chair holding our grandson Gavin while her husband Chris sat on the dock behind us holding down his three dogs.
Several times I got up out of my chair to go back to the cabin to get something else to drink or eat. This meant that I had to step around the two other chairs, the five other people, and the three dogs; all in a space that was around two feet wide suspended over the lake!
In between my trips back and forth to the cabin, I would cast my fishing line out onto the lake in an attempt to catch “just-one-more-fish” that day.
I was lovingly asked to sit down because my attempt to catch a fish was inspiring Fallon to join me and also attempt to catch “just-one-more-fish”.
The grandchildren were tired, but instead of them going to sleep, they became fidgety. At every firecracker or firework they were wiggling, craning, and twisting their entire bodies to see what was going on.
Note: At the end of our lake every sound reverberates and echoes around the whole shoreline so they (and I) were extra fidgety. They needed to simply stop! Don’t read anything! Don’t say anything! And just watch the show!
For about thirty minutes, it was constant movement. Grandma Cathy and Elizabeth didn’t want to let the grandchildren off their laps because they were on a dock, and it was dark outside, and because they didn’t want the grandchildren to accidently fall into the lake.