Dec 19, 2013


by Jessica Hillstrom
Some days I want to cry Maranatha
not to summon a second coming
but to summon your presence to the middle of our pain

And if I muster a faint Where are you, God?
please know that I don’t lack the knowledge—
I simply lack the faith

Like Job I’ve cried for answers
to questions large
beyond what I comprehend

to heartache, to suffering, to violence,
hatred and hunger ravaging lands

Yet one question still lingers unspoken
whispered in silent have mercies on me:

Dear Lord, will you offer atonement for abundance
in a world where poverty reigns?
The silence is heavy some days.

So we wait
and we pray
and we find the faith to believe
you will come again, Lord Jesus, you will come

in your glory, in your power,
in a gentle whisper that calls us to believe

So come heal the broken,
come dance with the lame,
come in your fullness, your joy, once again

Yes, Incarnate, you've come and are coming
your presence is strong in our pain

You walk with the weary
you weep with the sad
you wrench free our shackles, our chains

So come in your mercy
come, dance in your grace
come in your love and sweet joy once again

Come again, Lord Jesus, come again
                       Copyright © 2013 by Jessica Hillstrom


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