Mar 25, 2010

A Fund Raiser for a Friend

This is family attends the same church that I do and I wanted to use my blog for a few days to get the word out for this family's need:

IBEW Local 110 Union Hall - 1330 Conway Street – St. Paul, MN 55106

"On Saturday, May 30, 2009, Tim was riding his Gold Wing motorcycle home from working in Northfield as an electrician. An inattentive driver took a left turn in front of Tim, resulting in a serious accident and sustained multiple fractures and a spinal cord injury resulting in quadriplegia and unable to work.

Tim remembers riding motorcycles with a co-worker to work the morning of May 30th and his next memory is several days later waking in the hospital. Following work that Saturday afternoon Tim was in a motorcycle/auto accident in Northfield, MN. As a result of an inattentive driver, he sustained life altering injuries. Tim spent 11 days in ICU at HCMC, 12 weeks at Bethesda Hospital to resolve respiratory complications and to offer time for bones to heal before entering an intensive 7 weeks at Knapp Rehab/HCMC. He endured over 25 surgeries/surgical procedures. The factual summary of events simply cannot express the endless hours of uncertainty, emotional anguish, and physical pain. Each procedure- a difficulty and a benefit. Each breath- a challenge and a triumph. Each moment- grievous and glorious. Slowly, Tim gained strength and stability with great personal effort and resolve.  

After spending 5 months in a hospital setting Tim was able to join his family at home. With injuries that keep Tim home-bound, physical and occupational therapists and nurses attend to him weekly at home. With ongoing therapies he improves physically and gains strength. Each day brings new challenges and new goals, which Tim meets with determination and faith.  

Tim has been a lifelong resident of the Hamline Midway area of St.Paul. He graduated from Central High School (‘82) and from TVI/ St.Paul College’s electrical program (‘86).He has worked as an electrician since 1985. Tim and his wife Michelle married over 23 years ago and have four children.  

On Saturday, March 27, 2010, IBEW Local 110 in St. Paul, Minnesota will be sponsoring a Benefit Fundraiser Dinner. The benefit will feature food, entertainment, raffles, and a silent auction.  

The Petschl family is in need of some modifications in both their mode of transportation and in their home. The goal of this fundraiser is to help offset the costs involved in getting these challenges to a place that allows Tim to safely be a part of routine daily activities and meets his new needs as well. Any additional funds raised will be used to make his family’s home accessible and go towards the mounting medical bills.  

Like many older homes, the Petschl’s 1920’s floor plan was not designed with wheelchair mobility in mind. Narrow doorways, small spaces for maneuvering, bathroom and kitchen fixtures at the wrong heights all make it necessary for Tim’s family to be available to assist him at anytime needed.  

A reliable van that Tim can roll up into and lock into the adapted driver’s position would allow him more independence. The ability to get to appointments, to rejoin his kids’ activities again and to attend church services are just a few of the benefits that would be possible with an accessible van.  

As a benefit donor, your company name will be associated with a good cause. Your company will be featured on the “Donor’s Link” on the website: 

Donations may be made payable to Bethel and are being accepted at the following address: Tim Petschl Benefit Fund c/o Bethel Christian Fellowship - 1466 Portland Avenue - St.Paul MN 55104"

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