Oct 30, 2014

Arrrggg-uing with God

The year was 2013 and I received an email from a former coworker wondering if I would like to make some money to do a special project for a company that I had worked for several years before. The assignment was to build a skull for Halloween for a client of theirs.
I should probably interject that I am way too spiritual to celebrate Halloween and didn’t want to do anything connected with it. Well, part of that is true; I choose to not celebrate Halloween because of the evil connotations connected with it and wasn’t interested in building a skull for anyone’s house.
But, Cathy and I had been dialoging the previous months about how we could create places of grace where unconvinced people can come to know and wholeheartedly follow Jesus Christ. This includes those who walk with Him as well as those who haven’t yet met Him, so that each may know the hope of the calling of Jesus Christ for their lives.
So I sent a reply asking for more information before I said no and agreed to stop by their office to look at the plans and set up a time to do so.
At the meeting, it was discussed that they wanted the skull to be on the front of the house and around twelve feet high! The skull was going to be installed on the side of a massive pirate ship that covered the whole front of the client’s house. The mouth of the skull would be the gang plank through which people would walk to get their candy; which I was told were expensive candy bars, not some cheap candy.