Dec 26, 2019


In the darkness of a quiet night,  
Hope found a place on earth.
From eternity to measured time 
arrived through virgin birth.

In a new born child Messiah dwelt
Though no one really knew,
The day would come when called upon
To see this mission through.

His mother watched her child grow strong,
and too soon become a man.
In sorrow knowing deep within
He would complete God's plan.

He healed the sick, and raised the dead,
still few would dare believe,
This man was who He said He was
We just could not conceive.

Then one dark day the time arrived 
His mission was complete.
I watched as He was beaten, 
nails in His hands and feet.

Compassion still shown through His eyes
Like none I'd ever known.
He closed His eyes and hung His head 
To His Father He had flown.

The next two days had stumbled on 
The future held the same.
The third day broke the darkened sky
And once again Hope came.

Oh death where is your victory,
Oh grave where is your sting.
This child born into darkness wins 
and with Him HOPE He brings.

Larry Houghton 12-09-2019
 © 2019 All Rights Reserved
Used With Permission from the Author 

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