Oct 11, 2018

Divine Superintendence

I was given a very simple task; drop our pickup truck off at our mechanic’s shop located at the end of our block (which is about 250 feet from our driveway) at eight-o-clock in the morning to have the emergency brake replaced.

Because I didn’t know how long the truck would be in the shop, I decided that I would first go to Trader Joes (which is only 4.5 miles away) to do our weekly grocery shopping.

So, I called our mechanic and asked if I would have time to go shopping first and then drop off the truck. He confirmed that this would work for his schedule.

I made way to TJ’s and while I was driving into the parking lot, a car was heading towards me driving in the center lane so I hit the brakes hard. When I did so, the truck stalled; which isn’t unusual for a manual transmission.

I turned the key, expecting it to turn over, but nothing happened. After several attempts, I put the truck in neutral and let it roll backwards into the parking lot so as to not block the entrance. The place that the truck rolled to was open in the front which would make it easy for a tow truck to hook up.

After trying a few more things to get the truck started, including opening up the hood to confirm that the engine was still there, I called for a tow truck. The dispatcher told me that a driver would be there within the hour.

I called Cathy (to inform her and for prayer) and sent our mechanic a text to let him know that there was a problem and that the truck would arrive on a flatbed.

I looked over the shopping list and decided that I should probably NOT go shopping at this point as realized that some of the items needed refrigeration or to be placed in a freezer.

The weather was beautiful so I sat outside the truck, checked emails, Facebook, etc. as I waited for the tow truck to arrive. Fifty-nine minutes after I called he arrived. Pretty good service, I concluded…

He loaded the pickup on his flatbed and told me to hop in and then he drove me to the mechanic’s garage.

When we arrived, the mechanic was waiting. The pickup was unloaded and I tossed the keys to our mechanic and thanked him to being available to try to fix it and then made the long walk home at the other end of the block (which is about 250 feet)

Arriving home, I scanned the towing receipt and emailed it to our insurance agent for reimbursement. An agent replied within twenty minutes; stating that she had dropped a check in the mail to cover the expense of the tow.

A few hours later it looked as though the pickup might not be repaired by tomorrow so I sent a text to one of our children to see if I could use his car the next day. He replied within twenty minutes informing me that I could use his car to make my appointments.

Just before dinner, our mechanic called to let us know that he had found out what was wrong with the truck; the starter needed to be replaced.

He also communicated that he discovered that the rear brakes had some problems and needed to be replaced. He was asking for our approval to do the extra work. I could hear the hesitancy in his voice to give us the bad news.

I had the phone on speaker, so Cathy was able to hear the conversation. She said “tell him yes!” because she was happy that he had discovered why the brake had been occasionally grabbing.

I told him to please go ahead and do the work; assuming that he wouldn’t get it done until tomorrow. I was glad that I had already secured another vehicle for tomorrow’s appointments.

Several hours later (after nine pm.), our mechanic called to let us know that the he had completed the work and that we could pick up the truck. He gave us the final cost of the repair work.

I grabbed our checkbook and went to get the pickup truck from our mechanic located at the end of our block (which is about 250 feet from our driveway).

I wrote him a check, he gave me the keys and thanked me for giving him the business. I thanked him for putting in such a long day and told him that we were both happy that he had discovered and repaired what was wrong with the pickup.

As I drove home, I expressed thanks for how the Lord had provided Divine Superintendence and Provision all throughout the day.

I was grateful that the truck broke down in a place that was easy to get towed.

Grateful that it broke down TODAY rather than tomorrow when Cathy would have had it at her school approximately eighteen miles away.

Grateful that I hadn’t yet gone shopping.

Grateful that we had towing as a part of our insurance.

Grateful that the tow truck came quickly and only had to drive 4.5 miles.

Grateful that the weather was so nice.

Grateful that my mechanic already had us scheduled to do work on the pickup.

Grateful that the Lord showed the mechanic what was wrong.

Grateful that I had another vehicle if he hadn’t been able to get the work completed.

Grateful that he was able to get all of the parts and do all of the work; TODAY.

Grateful that the Lord provided the money to pay ALL of the bills and for providing work for the mechanic.

I am so grateful that we had Divine Superintendence because Jesus is Lord of our lives.

“… For your heavenly Father knows that you need all these things. But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you. (Matthew 6:32-33)

Praise His Name!

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