Jan 5, 2017

Tres Amigos

 “I have got to get younger friends”...

I said to a group who were playing games on a cold wintery night with Cathy and me. Three couples had gathered to eat a meal together and then talk as we spent time indoors watching the anticipated blizzard start to pile up the snow.
Based upon the conversation we were having on health issues and aches and pains, I realized that either I’m officially old or I need new friends, because all of my friends are old (sort of…because some of my friends are younger and we LOVE hanging with them as well).
After exclaiming again my need for younger friends, I looked at Cathy and said; “We have officially become one of those older couples that we have observed over the years at church…one of those couples who do everything together as often as they can.”
And I realized that this was actually a very good thing that was to be treasured and highly valued; something which I had envied in the older couples I had seen it in at church.
C.S. Lewis said; “Is any pleasure on earth as great as a circle of Christian friends by a good fire?”
In our case, all of us have similar likes and dislikes. All of us like spontaneously getting together for a meal or to watch a play.
Both couples spend time with Cathy and I and our families up at our cabin on the Fourth of July. All three couples (“Tres parejas”) spend every Super Bowl Sunday together watching the game and eating way too much food. All six of us attend a weekly Bible Study together in our home.