Jan 14, 2016

Saturday Speculations in the Shower

Today when I took a shower after a hockey game, I took time to think about just how good the Lord has been to me. So many events and items came to my mind as I washed off the sweat from the game and warmed my body up from the cold.

As the soap suds streamed off my body and sped away down the drain, my words lifted up praise to One who has been very good to me.
I was filled with gratefulness for the companions who had taken the time to also spend this very cold Saturday morning lacing up the skates one more time as we were able to amuse ourselves living beyond the days of our youth, playing another game of ice hockey.
I am very grateful for one more day on the ice! I love that after many too many miles and many too many repairs that this old body is still able to keep scoring goals. Our health and all of what we are able to do is something to not ever take for granted. Thank you Jesus!
I was also reminded of all of the many opportunities that I had over this past Christmas and New Year’s gatherings to spend time with each of my children, their spouses/significant others, and grandchildren. I am grateful that they came to express their love as they extended their arms in an attempt to give me a hug.
I am grateful that I was able to skate with some of my children and some of the grandchildren; something that has been a long standing tradition in the Oestreich household. 
I am grateful for the way that our house has been a great place to gather at this time of the year. I love the way that it looks as we, for a few weeks, fill all of the archways and the front porch with lights and the tables with candles. I am grateful for all of the times that we laughed as we amused ourselves playing games without any drama.
I love how the smell of the Christmas tree was only outdone by the glimmer of light that reflected off of the many ornaments that were all gifts given over the past thirty six or so years.
I am grateful for all of the gatherings and meals and events that we were invited to. I am grateful that we were able to eat way too much food as we gathered with extended family who too longed to be with us! Grateful that I have friends who want to spend an evening with us sitting at a restaurant pondering life as waistlines continue to grow.
I am grateful for all of the food and homemade items that now fill our refrigerators; given, along with other items, by people who wanted to express their love to us. And I am grateful for vehicles and appliances that all work to make our lives a little bit easier to get by!
I shut off the water, dried off, got dressed and came upstairs to my office to sit down and write down this short blog to remember that truly the Lord has been good to me!
“I will sing to the Lord, because He has dealt bountifully with me.” (Psalm 13:6 NKJV)

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