Oct 1, 2015

A lot At Stake with My Choice of Steaks!

Unless I am going to some special event (wedding, dinner party, booya, etc.), it is rare that I know what I will be eating one month out; but this month I did…I would be eating steak cooked on a grill with potatoes!
It was all a part of a contest between several different facilities at work and the rules were simple; which ever had the best results at the end of the month, that particular location would all eat steak and potatoes cooked on a grill.
And my location won the contest and so I knew what I would be eating; potatoes and steak cooked on a grill. And I was looking forward to that meal!
And when the day of the “payment” came, that is what I ate; potatoes and steak cooked on a grill.
The only thing is that the type of steak and the type of potatoes were different than what I had envisioned. Instead of eating Grilled New York Strip Steak and baked potatoes, I ended up eating Grilled Tube Steak (a hot dog; frankfurter) and potato chips!
No, nobody pulled a fast one and switched the payment. Instead, Cathy and I had an opportunity to have two of our grandchildren stay with us over night and then we would take them back to their parents’ house and then spend the day working at their house.
When I found out that the day that they were going to cook was the same day that the grandchildren would stay over, I knew that there was a lot at stake in my decision as to what kind of steak and potatoes I would eat.
No, not so much for health reasons ---at least the hot dogs had no nitrates, antibiotics, or hormones and were made from organic meats ---- but for the bigger picture.
If I chose to eat Grilled New York Strip Steak and baked potatoes, I would have a chance to spend time with around sixty men and my boss. My time with them would be sowing into their families as well.
But, if I chose to eat Grilled Tube Steak and potatoes chips, I would be impacting two precious grandchildren as well as free up their parents to be able to spend time alone out to dinner and beyond …
As I have said in the past, I know that I am called to be grandpa and that means spending time with my grandchildren; which I love to do! And the way that it works out is as practical as how I spend my time and with whom I choose to eat.
Not all decisions are as clear choices as this event. Sometimes I choose between “A” and “B” and (may) end up second guessing that decision. Perhaps a different guide needs to be in place. Let me give you a thought or two…
First of all, what’s at stake with what you are deciding? Who will it affect? Is it drawing you closer or further to what God has in store for you? What will be the effects long-term down the road?
As the saying goes; Sow a thought, reap an action; sow an action, reap a habit; sow a habit, reap a character; sow a character, reap a destiny.”
Secondly, realize that even if you are sure what the will of God is for your life; you need to realize that you may not being hearing accurately. First Corinthians chapter thirteen, verse nine tells us that “we know in part and we prophesy in part.” In other words, we need others to see our blind spots because we may not see what is at stake with some of our decisions.
The Bible says in the Book of Proverbs;
Where there is no counsel, the people fall; but in the multitude of counselors there is safety.” (Proverbs 11:14)
“Without counsel, plans go awry, but in the multitude of counselors they are established.” (Proverbs 15:22)
 “For by wise counsel you will wage your own war, and in a multitude of counselors there is safety.” (Proverbs 24:6)
So what decisions are you facing today; especially the ones between two great opportunities? Let me state the obvious; you can’t be in two places at the same time so you have to pick one!
But as you choose, let me remind you that with whatever steak you choose, there is a lot at stake. Choose wisely my friend.
All Scripture taken from the New King James Version®. Copyright © 1982 by Thomas Nelson. Used by permission. All rights reserved.

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