Jan 22, 2015

Missing My Daily Walks…

Today I miss taking walks with my children.
There is a coffee mug on my desk that was given to me by one of my daughters. On the mug there is a picture of her and myself taking a walk together, and looking at it has caused me to long for days of old. 
When my children were young, each day I would take a walk with a different one. Because I have six children, we had a chart to schedule each of them in rotation. It was a good opportunity to talk and listen and ponder.
Each child used their time with me alone differently than the other children. Each was unique and special and I enjoyed them and looked forward to them.
Some would be quiet as we held hands and spent time in each other’s company. Some would hit the sidewalk and not stop talking until we reached home (not sure who they got that from); using the time to tell me all their thoughts and something from the latest book they were reading.
Others would use the time to ask questions or plead their case for a new toy, to participate in an activity, or to go somewhere. 
As I write this blog, pondering conversations that took place on our walks, I feel somewhat melancholy wondering if they, too, miss taking them with their dad.
I am grateful that as a grandpa I have opportunities to take walks with each of my grandchildren, but had I known that one day my walks with my children would come to an end, I probably would have savored them or taken a long route to squeeze in more time with each of my children. 
And just as I have had other opportunities to take walks with my children at the cabin or on vacation or to a park with their children, it is still not the same as my daily scheduled walks with each of them individually.
And I think of what God…Abba Father…must have felt when His daily walks with His children, Adam and Eve, came to an end. In Genesis 2:19, we can read how God would take walks and bring things He had made to Adam:
“Out of the ground the Lord God formed every beast of the field and every bird of the air, and brought them to Adam to see what he would call them. And whatever Adam called each living creature, that was its name.
In Genesis chapter three, we can read about the day when His daily walks with Adam and Eve came to an end. It is my submission that in the story God was (perhaps) bringing something to them to see what they would call it.
And, because they did what He had said not to do, they took their final walk in the garden. Actually they were led OUT of the garden; no longer being able to walk with Him in the Garden of Eden.
That’s the bad news. 
The good news is that just like I am able to call my children and set aside time to take a walk with anyone of them individually, because of what Jesus accomplished on the cross, we too are able to daily walk with God…Abba Father. We too are able to daily come to Him and spend time with Him and once again connect with Him.
Because of what Jesus accomplished by His death, burial, and resurrection, we too can have fellowship with Him on a daily basis.
And just like I have days like this when I think fondly of those previous times that I had spent with my own children and long for more; God…Abba Father longs for us to once again take a walk with Him.
Not sure where to start? Well, it’s not a formula; you simply need to ask or call out to Him.
In fact He is simply waiting for you to ask Him to go on walk and He has some things that He would love to show you to see what you think about them. He says in the Bible:

“Call to Me, and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things, which you do not know.” (Jeremiah 33:3)
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