Mar 13, 2014

What Amazes You?

On Feb. 15 in the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, hockey fans across the world gathered to watch USA vs. Russia. At the end of regulation time, the game went into overtime. Amazing! 
At the end of overtime, the game went into a shoot-out in which teams continue shooting in "sudden death" mode and the game cannot end until each team has taken the same number of shots.
The shootout went to eight rounds during which USA hockey player T. J. Oshie's four shootout goals lifted the United States to a 3-2 win over Russia.  What an amazing way to end a game!
After that game, whenever I dialoged about it with fans from USA and from Canada, the response was always the same; “amazing!”
And do you want to know what is even more amazing than that? T. J. Oshie scores this type of shoot-out goals on a regular basis during the hockey season in the NHL and has one of the highest rates of shootout success among the American-born players. Amazing!
So what amazes you? Is it something that is “permanent” like a sculpture or a tall building? Is it something temporal like a cloud formation, a sunset, a flower, or even a great meal? Is it something that goes beyond your human understanding like the vastness of an ever-expanding universe?
How about an infinite God with infinite attributes? King David (in the Bible) writes in Psalm 139 about the amazing God who made us and who loves us so very deeply. David writes;