Mar 1, 2012

A Piece of Me

I was washing the dishes a few days ago from a family gathering that took place at our house. One of the items that was mixed among the silverware was a green colored plastic spoon. When I found the spoon, tears came to my eyes, not from pain but from love. You see, this wasn’t just an ordinary plastic spoon; this belonged to my granddaughter Fallon who had been over at the party.

And I realized that just as she left an item behind, she had “taken” with her a piece of my heart; and once again I missed being with her. 

Even as I write this I feel as though I must apologize that I am not writing about one of my own children; all of whom I love so very deeply. All of whom I also enjoy and cherish each and every time that I spend with them. As I write this, Fallon’s mom (my daughter Elizabeth) called to talk about something and it gave me a chance to express my gratefulness for how God has provided over the past few years to her and what a gift she and her husband Chris are to me.

But, I as I said, I am writing once again about my granddaughter Fallon who means so much to me. Sometimes when we part company Fallon waves; “See you later!” Sometimes she cries for me to hold her. Sometimes she just cries because she wants to stay with me.

Every time we part, my heart aches; and it takes some time to “get past it”. Many times I have driven home and it has taken several minutes for my heart to stop “hurting” and yearning to hold her one more time. And tears come to my eyes as I am filled with gratefulness for the gift that she is to me. And I long for the next time that we will spend together.

And I got to thinking as I washed Fallon’s green plastic spoon, “Does God feel that same way about me? Does He, too, long to once again spend time with me?"

These twelve months I have spent on a sabbatical as I transitioned back into full-time ministry to spend time with God and to seek His face; in communication, in worship, in reading the Bible, and in prayer.  Some days I would spend two to four hours a day of extended time with Him, other days it would be six to eight hours.

I know how these times impacted my life, but I wondered “Does God feel that same way about me? Does He, too, long to once again spend time with me?”

I realize that perhaps my writing today produces more questions than answers; and you know what, I’m really OK with that. I realize that perhaps He, like me with my granddaughter Fallon, yearns to once again spend time with me. I realize that my life takes a piece of His heart when we part and perhaps I really mean more to Him than I think. And once again, tears came to my eyes, not from pain but from love.

Maybe along the way you’ve forgotten God; He hasn’t forgotten you. Call out to Him, won’t you? God still wants you to come to Him through His Son Jesus Christ and let Him hold you and see Him face to face.
Call 1-888-NEED HIM. Someone is waiting to talk with you right now.

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