Jul 21, 2011

Nameless People

If you’ve been reading blogs from Blogger for any length of time, you will know that each month, Blogspot.com comes up with its list of “Blogs of Note”. These are blogs that they happened to come across and found interesting for one reason or another. The reason need not be substantial. It could be that they liked a particular post. It could be the blog seems to have good writing, or good design, or original content or concept, or they just like the name.

And suddenly, the writers of the particular blog that is chosen are thrust into their extended “fifteen minutes of fame” on the World Wide Web.
Today, I want to name my own “Blog of Note”. It is written by a man named John Turner. Although John and I have exchanged comments and emails, we have never met or talked via the phone or Skype. Nevertheless, today I applaud what John is doing.

In his own “simple” way, John writes about his daily experiences and how he sees a connection into his relationship with God through Jesus Christ. John writes about God and the things that He can do in your life. By “simple”, I mean that you don’t need to get out a dictionary, expository, concordance, thesaurus, commentary, or interlinear Bible to understand the profound wisdom of a man who is simply walking with the Lord day by day. And he has been faithfully writing about those experiences since 2007.
The Bible is filled with stories of people who did (sometimes) seemingly simple tasks that made all of the difference in the economy of God. The Bible is filled from cover to cover with stories of people who simply did what they knew to do and God made sure that their story was written down; it was a big deal in the eyes of God. You will find in the Bible stories of people who did (seemingly) simple tasks such as raising a colt (Mark 11:1-3), or filling water pots (John 2), or pouring out very costly fragrant oil (Matthew 26:6-13).

The Bible says that “…we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them.” (Ephesians 2:10).

And John is faithfully doing that. He uses his experiences and how God made him to draw people into a deeper relationship with God through Jesus Christ; who is the True Faithful One.
Thanks John!

John’s Blog is called: “JOHN THREESIXTEEN” You can find it at: http://johnbturner.blogspot.com

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