Jul 2, 2009

Never Forget The Cross

We remember a lot of things; Birthdays, telephone numbers; “The Pledge of Allegiance”, happy and sad moments. We also forget a lot of things; Birthdays, telephone numbers; “The Pledge of Allegiance”, happy and sad moments
One thing we must never forget is the Cross of Jesus Christ: 100% God; 100% Man. Real pain! Real blood! Real death! Real resurrection! Real victory over sin and death!

I’ve been amazed over the years as I have heard what was coming out of the mouth of some people who wear a cross around their neck. They curse because this world we live in has lost the TRUE meaning of the cross as the cross has become a “fashion statement” or “accessory”.

Simply put: Jesus died so that we might live; on the cross He paid the penalty of our sins.

And you can have forgiveness TODAY by calling out to Jesus.

Never forget the Cross by One Bad Pig

Old times are hazy, oh I was crazy
I was more than just a little deranged
When Jesus found me,
He did astound me
My heart and mind He has totally changed
I don´t remember all the times I lied
Can´t recall all the days I failed
Don´t remember all the people I hurt
But can´t forget the Hands I nailed
Never forget the cross(x4)

I´m so decerning, got Bible learning
I´ve explored the most profound mysteries
I took a tumbling,
I needed humbling
He burst my pride and drove me to my knees
He doesn´t count how much I speak in tongues
He´s unimpressed by my pious game
He´s not fazed by the money I give
 But remembers I called on Jesus´ name

Never forget the cross(x4) Never forget it!!!!!

There´s no victory gained without no loss
No resurrection without no cross
No golden crown without no nails
Trade my life for a Love that never fails

Never forget the cross(x12)

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