Feb 7, 2009

LUKE 15 - Gifts from the Father

Meaning of the items that the father gave to his son:

v.21 the son has a speech prepared, he wanted to be treated not as a son, not as a slave but as an employee.

v.22 the father wouldn't hear his speech and speaks to the servants: My son is home! Get the robe, the ring, the sandals, kill the fattened calf.

The ROBE meant restoration of position!
The RING meant restoration of authority!
The SANDALS meant restoration of dominion! By putting shoes on the son, meant that the son could walk around his father's estate. Shoes were exchanged in the cutting of covenants. By putting on these items on the son the father was saying; Slave? NEVER! Employee? NEVER! You're my SON, and everything I have is yours.

v23-24 The calf was prepared as a Covenental dinner to re-establish the father's relationship to the son. Why was the calf already fattened? The father had been waiting for his Son to come home.

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